Tuesday, 26 January 2010

GALLERY: Williams FW07

Flyslot Williams FW07
GP Italia 1980, Rupert Keegan

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Fly Williams FW07 is a striking looking slot car. Given the strong classic F1 resurgence in slot cars, I think it has strong potential to become collectible
  • Solid 'from the box' performance, this is no March 761
  • Stunningly detailed slot car
  • Front wheels steering
  • Innovative geering solution
  • Fantastic paint and decal finish


  • The front steering is a little fragile
  • Fly has used a terrible braid on this car, you will have to upgrade it straight away
  • I still feel Flyslot cars are too expensive


The Williams FW07 is a very exciting release from Flyslot. It is a slot car that looks fantastic on the track although I'm a little disappointed with its performance which I found to be average.

As with the Fly March 761, Flyslot has incorporated front steering (which is functions via the guide) into the FW07's design. I also take my hat off to Flyslot for their innovative way of addressing the body moulding issues created due to crown gears. I hope we see other manufactures follow this lead.

Unless you have a stack of Fly March 761s and are after something different, I'd put my money towards a March 761 as they are a far superior slot car on the track.

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