Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gallery | Fly Classic Lola T70 Trio

An iconic Fly Classics

C36 - 1000km Spa 1969 #34
C94 - 1st Daytona Historics #33
F19101 - Targa Florio 1969 #190

There are some pretty iconic cars that have been produced over time for our hobby and one of those cars is the Lola T70. We were blessed at the turn of the century when Fly began making the Lola as part of the Fly Classic collection.

Even today many years later, the T70 is a favorite car either to race or collect for many slot enthusiasts. Fortunately for many of us the Fly Classics no longer command the ridiculous price tag that they once did and the marketplace is flush with T70's that can be acquired at very reasonable prices.

There are close to 30 models to choose from, both the original Fly models and the later FlySlot models. The most sought after of T70 are the Silver Mini Auto, blue Sunoco #6/#9 and the orange Gunston.

As you can see the Lola is a stunning looking car that should have a place in everyone's stable.

The T70 can easily be tuned to run very smoothly, further information about tuning and another couple of reviews of this fantastic model can be found below.

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