Sunday, 23 February 2014

GALLERY: NSR Corvette C6R (1084AW)

NSR Corvette C6R
1084AW, 'Take no prisoners'

Of all the NSR models I own, my favourite to run on the track has to be their Corvette C6R.  Performance is (as you would expect from an NSR release) hands-down excellent as is the attention to detail you find on the model.  The black 'Take no prisoners' livery is particularly impressive and looks menacing running laps on the track, it's no surprise that this is one of my son's absolutely favourite slot cars.

From NSR: 'NSR's objective is to make a GT car using modern technology, so high tech ‘Ready To Race’. It needed to be competitive straight out the box. The Corvette is an innovative model with high tech components, highly performing on track still respecting the scale modellistic aspect. The Corvette comes in anglewinder setup. The motor is King EVO 21 which has 21400 rpm @ 12 Volts 322 gr/cm.

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Motorsport Modeller said...

I really liked the test version of this car, it looks just darn mean. Great looking model and it seems to have the right shape etc.