Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NEWS: NSR Porsche 917K (1155SW)

NSR Porsche 917K
1155SW, 'Gesipa Racing Team', 1000 Km Monza 1970

NSR have recently released some photos of their next Porsche 917K livery, the 'Gesipa Racing Team' raced at Monza in 1970 setup in side-winder configuration.  The NSR 917K is a great track car, surprisingly you can 'modify' a FlySlot 917K to be competitive but if you're after straight from the box performance then the NSR release is what you're after.

The Gesipa Racing Team light blue and yellow livery is impressive enough and would look great running around the track.  My only hesitation with this car would be that NSR have released over a dozen 917K liveries and this one is not as impressive as most of them.  For example the stunning white Martini Le Mans car, Nurburgring 71, Piper red, Sandeman green or one of the numerous Gulf liveries.

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