Saturday, 22 February 2014

NEWS: Ninco Bowler Nemesis (50644)

Ninco Bowler Nemesis
50644 'Team Training' RAID

It's been a while since Ninco released a race liveried RAID car, I was really hopefully Ninco would get back into the Raid scene in 2014 and it looks like my wishes have been answered.  Ninco Raid cars are very popular and models in good or new condition command high dollar values on online auction sites.  The 'Team Training' Bowler livery looks fantastic, the second photo below almost makes you think that you are looking at the real car!

The front grill and lights looks excellent as do the rims and rubber.  As with all Ninco Raid models, the Bowler is a 4WD in-line configuration, I had hoped that we would see Ninco's lighting system incorporated in this model but not so. 

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