Thursday, 16 July 2009

NEWS: AUTOart Alfa Giulia

AUTOart Alfa Romeo Giulia

AUTOart have just released the sexy little Alfa Romeo Giulia. Having owned an Alfa GTV in my youth I have a soft spot for any Alfa model but this offering from AUTOart looks particularly impressive.

Detail looks very good which is something AUTOart have always done very well, the little Alfa's lines have been captured perfectly. Of particular note are the front grill and the fantastic looking wheel inserts. Paint finish and decal detail look top notch too.

I have never been that impressed with AUTOart engineering although I have to say I haven't owned a new AUTOart slot for a few years now. Perhaps it's time to revisit AUTOart and this little Alfa might just be the model to do it.

You can see more AUTOart slots at the AUTOart Website Here


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