Sunday, 26 July 2009

SLOT SOUL: Nissan R390 GT1

SLOT SOUL: Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car

You don't have to purchase a 'white kit' to get into creating your own slot cars liveries. Often you have a slot that you like driving so much that it starts to look a little old from wear and tear. You know the slots I'm talking about, we all have them and these slots are the perfect candidate for a respray. Revamping an old slot also has the bonus of providing you with brand new slot for the cost of a little paint and some decals.

In this case I had a very tired R390 Road Car, she had lost both mirrors and the paint job was scratched and worn. Interestingly when this model was released by it had a well documented problem with the front wheels being seriously out of alignment on the front axel. I contacted regarding my models problem as was sent new set of front wheels promptly, since then this model has run like a star. I was really impressed with and it demonstrated their dedication to excellence and this hobby.

The livery is a fantasy Warsteiner livery made up of a few left over decals I had.


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knight4444 said...

Absolutely beautiful!! excellent job