Thursday, 9 July 2009

NEWS: Avant Slot Porsche

Avant Slot Porsche RS Spyder
Black Test Car

From Avant Slot, "Porsche Spyder is ready for launch. The first is the usual reference to the PML-carbon black in color, limited edition to 1000 units. It is compatible with the chassis of the Peugeot 908 HDI and incorporates the latest generation of the same. Subsequently appear in the market DHL versions, both in standard version as a new series with the lights still Avant Slot. These lights stay lit even if the car leaves the track, constantly incorporating intensity and brake lights. We hope that the car is your liking."

Well I do and I like it a lot! Detail levels looks very good and being an Avant it shouldn't exactly be a slug on the track. Perhaps we will finally have a decent representation of the Porsche RS Spyder to race?

You can read more about the new Porsche RS Spyder on the Avant Slot Website Here


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