Sunday, 12 July 2009


SLOT SOUL: Scalextric Porsche GT3R

I'm very happy to say 'white kits' are here to stay and have quickly become a fantastic part of our hobby. But you don't have to wait for your favourite slot car to come out in white kit before you can create your own piece of slot soul, a unique liveried slot car with your own character. This featured piece of slot soul is a little different to my usual and before you think I've turned ruined a perfectly good Scalextric Porsche, let me explain.

So you have a 5-10 year old daughter and you introduced her to slot cars but the sparks didn't fly for her, these slot car things are too boring Dad! This was the problem I was faced with a few years ago and it got me thinking, how could I make slot car racing more appealing to my daughter?

The answer was to make it more fun and what could be more fun than driving a purple Porsche covered in butterflies? I picked an easy slot to drive on my track, gave it a quick sand, prime, respray and found a sheet of butterfly sticker at my local Spotlight store for a few dollars. I then gave the applied stickers a quick seal spray and presto, a certified daughter slot car magnet!

The combinations are limitless, you just have to be prepared to take a perfectly good slot and paint it some outlandish colour. A word of warning, once I had done this for my daughter my son started making requests for Tomas the Tank Engine and Lighting McQueen slot car resprays.


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Anonymous said...

I did the same thing with a Scalextric Ferrari F430. I Bought one for my roommates daughter and she drove it every once in a while. After I took her to a scrap booking store and after buying 20 bucks in stickers she spends more time on the track than I do.