Sunday, 21 June 2009

NEWS: NSR's Devotion

NSR's devotion to the highest
standard in slot cars

As a massive classic slot fan I was very excited early on in the year when I heard NSR was going to release the Porsche 917K. The 917K has a huge fan base and has always been the domain of Fly Slot Car Models. If a criticism could be made of the Fly 917K it would be that it takes quite a bit of work (and aftermarket parts) to make them a strong runner on the track. Not a problem we can expect from NSR.

I was recently reading an article from NSR regarding the production of the 24hrs Daytona 1970 Set. I was very impressed with how seriously NSR takes the production of their cars, these guys really love their job and that means we all win.

This article from NSR: 'Dear readers, I have to explain some important things:First of all, please remember always that NSR produces slot cars only for competitions.ALL NSR cars are MADE IN ITALY. NSR is small artisan company producing directly into the factory except paint and tampo. Our costs to buy molds for 1 car only, is about 60.000,00 eur (yes, it is sixty-thousands-euro!!) because all molds are Made in Italy. For this reason we cannot change things as a Chinese wizard could do. Our costs are very high; all NSR employers have regular work-contract, insurance, and we pay royalty to all Companies and Sponsors (as Gulf for example ) that give us licence, as we are not bandit.'

"We LOVE slot cars, and we try every day to make our best. We are not big industry, we are only few guys.So please, before make your comments about details, bigger lights, smaller windows… think always about NSR philosophy: NSR produces competition slot cars racing on the tracks, winning around the World, not to put on the desk! NSR makes slot cars only for competition! To WIN competitions, not to play!We invite you to found on the market for 69,50eur or 75,00eur a slot car (equipped with alu. Wheels and gear, steel axles, bronze oilites, high torque motor…) faster than NSR car “straight of box”!"

"Yes, because NSR cars are absolutely fastest slot cars “out of box”. (some cars without magnet are absolutely a disaster…)  THIS is our mission, our filosophy, and we try every day only to improve performance.Our competitors are not Racer or Fly or other Brands… our competitor are Tracks, Lap Timer, Race result! We think only about performance!I like to explain this first, just because some people couldn’t know how it is difficult this work for a small company as NSR."

"Starting from SET01, all new NSR cars (1030 Punto S2000, 1031 MK IV Usa, 1032 917K Piper) have complete nice detailed cockpit: hand painted driver helmet, belts, gloves; roll-bar, driver, helmet, steering wheel, seat reproduce same colour of real car; also bodies have more and more details then previous years. Always made in Italy, made directly in NSR factory !NSR is well know as manufacturer of high performance slot cars straight out of box. Now it is right time to improve look of NSR models, so our cars will be fast and nice too!"

"The reason is not simply, I try to explain to our clients and fans:Paint and tampo are not made in our factory, and these two steps required very long time; also the final transparent paint has to make very careful, otherwise car is destroyed….Tampo is hand made, it is made by simply hand machine, not by computer-automatic machine.More than extimated time; so we received 500 of n.1 + 500 of n.2 only last 06 december. We worked as devils to assemble cars quickly, but there are many complicated and “extra” steps that required more time (drivers with different helmet, accessories included into same mold produced in more different colours to make nice cockpit, fan, motor, steering wheel, head…) … and we cannot work 20hours day, because quality MUST be high."

We can only hope that production issues for NSR get better as they certainly are producing a stunning looking slot in the Porsche 917K.

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