Wednesday, 17 June 2009

NEWS: Audi R8C Reloaded

SICA12A Audi R8C

In March 2008 released an 'updated' version of their iconic Audi R8C 'Snetterton Roll-out 1999'. This was a significant release for the manufacture as the original 2002 Audi R8C was their first serious venture into the world of RTR slot cars and for the slot community, things would never be the same again. has announced they will be releasing the Audi R8C - No. 9 (Le Mans 1999, CA12b) in the forth quarter of 2009. I can only assume this will mean that all of the Lemans presentation, qualifying and racing Audis will be released in the future, not a bad thing in my opinion. Over the next week ManicSlots is going to take an overdue closer look at the's 'Reloaded' Audi R8C.

You can find some photos of the original R8C
releases in ManicSlots Immortal Slots Gallery here

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