Tuesday, 30 June 2009

NEWS: Racer 935 Joest

Racer RCR50A&B Porsche 935 Joest
'Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft' 1980

Racer have just released a variation of their ever popular Porsche 935 K3, the Porsche 935 Joest. The variations from the K3 are not immediately obvious without studying the two cars side by side. The most obvious variation between the models is the rear wing and more angular rear profile.

There are also slight changes to the front spoiler, namely the lower lights and intakes, side intake vents are also different on the Joest and bonnet detail is varied from the K3.

The cars look striking as a pair although that would represent somewhat of a significant investment. Detail levels look truly excellent, (as we would expect from Racer) and the racing liveries are impressive too. The cars ran in the World Sports Car Prototype DRM, ('Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft ') series in 1980. The number 6 car was driven by Rolf Stommelen and the number 7 car by Volkert Merl.

You can read more about the World Sports Racing DRM Series Here

You can view more photos of the slots on the Racer Website Here


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