Monday, 1 June 2009

GALLERY: Toyota GT-one

ProSlot Toyota GT-one
Le Mans 24hr 1999

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Proslot Toyota GT-one was a very popular slot,
  • Excellent performance once setup correctly (although could require some work)
  • Stunning non-magnetic performer with a little weight
  • Floating motor pod (one of the first manufactures to incorporate one)
  • Great rubber
  • Light model with powerful motor
  • Very quite model


  • Required significant adjustments and after market parts to get running well
  • Poor model detail
  • Poor wheels, (non circular) and rear axle setup
  • Basic to poor paint job
  • No front axle


The Proslot Toyota GT-one was an interesting slot as it would disappoint when first put on the track but once setup correctly (namely the replacement of the entire running gear and wheels) would run like a dream particularly in non magnetic trim. Slotters love for the 1:1 race car made it popular as a slot and once Proslot stopping manufacturing slot cars the GT-one soon became very hard to find, (particulary in the blue and yellow liveries).

A Proslot GT-one comes up from time to time on ebay, however MRRC Scaleauto now have the Proslot GT-one tooling and make a superior GT-one (with alloy wheels, etc.) if you don't want to wait for an original.

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