Tuesday, 30 June 2009

NEWS: Slot.it Mazda 787B

Slot.it Mazda 787B
Will this be the top selling slot for 2009?

Slot.it will soon be adding the Mazda 787B race car to their already impressive line-up. Slot.it seem to have made an art out of picking the right car to release and the 787B is no exception - I love this car particularly in the famous Renown livery.

The number 55 787B won Lemans in 1991 so we can expect that Slot.it will be releasing this slot in a limited edition box. If you're into collecting slot cars and have the means, I strongly recommend buying one of the Renown liveries to put away and one to enjoy. Engineering looks pretty standard for Slot.it so we can expect the 787B to be impressive on the track, how impressive only time will tell.

In their wisdom, Slot.it have decided to release the Efini livery first. Despite the Efini being what I would class as a rather boring livery, the slot is bound to sell very well as it is the first release of the new Mazda 787B model. Even though I would love to get my hands on the new 787B I think I'll be waiting till the Renown livery is released sometime in September.

Slot.it have also released what will be the third livery for the 787B, the Mazdaspeed number 18 which came 6th (7 laps behind the winner) at Le Mans in 1991.

The 787B is a striking slot car and is bound to be a top release for 2009.

You can view more photos of the 787B at Italia Slot Here


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