Monday, 5 October 2009

NEWS: Mosler MT900R

Mosler MT900R EVO2
Lowered Daytona 2003

This from NSR; 'It comes always in 3 setup configuration: Anglewinder, Sidewinder, Inline. It is equipped by best parts on the market for race only, as King 21K EVO motor, Low profile longer pickup, Air System wheels for best grip in the corners, Extralight & no friction pinion, gear and oilites, hard steel axle, ultralight and shortened cockpit for lightest weight.'

Continue; 'Mosler comes with nice hand painted cockpit for better look: red fire extinguisher, blue driver, white and black helmet, silver gear shift. Mosler is equipped by new 1309 EVO2 Lowered chassis to install motor in lower position. This chassis is different from previous 1305 EVO Chassis in only one detail, but it is most interesting: left and right support on the chassis (where motor support is screwed) are lowered 0.4 millimeter!

This important modification allow you to install lower diameter wheels (you have to use less -0.8mm diameter) but your chassis never touch on the track as in previous version; also you have more “magnet traction effect” because motor is 0.4 lower (near steel rail) and lower barycentre.'

You can read more on the NSR Website Here


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