Sunday, 22 November 2009

NEWS: Fly F40 Jägermeister

Ferrari F40 'Jägermeister' No.40
Ref: F03202 Racing Model

Well it appears Fly are sticking with one old equation, Jäger, Jäger, Jäger...This light weight Jägermeister orange version of the F40 has been setup for racing complete with; inline motor with adjustable moving mount and a light weight racing interior.

Decal detail looks a little on the light side and from what I can tell this is a 'fantasy' livery. It's a nice enough looking slot (who doesn't like Jäger?) but coming in with a hefty price tag I'm wondering how many slotters will be lining up for this one?

I would like to say you can read more on the new Fly Slot Cars website but there still doesn't seem to be one!


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