Monday, 23 November 2009

NEWS: Scalex Camaro

Scalextric C3005 Chevrolet Camaro
University of Pittsburgh

Scalextric will soon release the 'University of Pittsburgh' liveried Chevrolet Camaro number 19.

The 'Pittsburgh' Camaro is very distinctive looking with the black/blue and yellow wheels/headlights paint scheme. At first I thought it was hideous but over the last few days the livery has grown on me quite a bit, the livery is unique.

This from Scalextric: "Among the large range of classic racing cars the American Classic range continues to be one of the most popular. The choice of Camaro, Corvette and Mustang cars from the Scalextric ‘Pony Wars’ stable is immense and ever popular as a model or race car.

The Pittsburgh Camaro joins over a dozen Camaro liveried cars to provide ample choice to the racer to enjoy the hard knocks or muscle car racing with these detailed though robust race cars."

  • Motor: Mabuchi SP 18k rpm
  • Gear ratio: 11:36
  • Chassis: Rear Mounted In-line Motor Rear 2 wheel drive
  • Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm;
  • Down-force: ?
  • Overall length: 150 mm
  • Wheelbase: 88 mm
  • Axle/Hub width 54 mm Front; 54 mm Rear
  • Tyre diameter/width: 20(ext) x 8 mm Front; 20(ext) x 8 mm Rear
  • Weights: Car 95 gm

You can read more on the Scalextric Website Here


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