Thursday, 19 November 2009

GALLERY: Ferrari 412P

Scalextric Ferrari 412P

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Scalextric 412P has good potential to become collectible
  • Front and rear lights, (appropriate low yellowish lighting levels given the era)
  • Impressive 'from the box' performance, (sub 6 seconds on my track!)
  • High level of detail,
  • Fantastic paint finish
  • Forced centring, quick change glide


  • The Scalextric Classic range could do with refined driver models
  • Not so good non-magnetic


The ferrari 412P is a good looking slot car running on the track. But somehow I feel the car is lacking something visually, Scalextric haven't quite hit a home run with this model like they should have.

However if it's track performance that counts the 412P is a stunner and very impressive in magnetic trim (which is what it is designed to do). I already have several of these in my collection and I have a feeling they may grow in numbers.

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