Saturday, 21 November 2009

NEWS: Cartrix Vanwall F1

Cartrix Ref.0935 VanWall F1 #24

Cartix have just release the VanWall F1 number 24, an impressive looking model. I would say above all other slot manufactures, we have Cartrix to thank for the revival of the classic F1 slot car.

This from Cartrix: 'The iconic English Vanwall F1 racing team was created by Tony Vandervell at the beginning of the 1950s. Their first car, the Thinwall Special, was a modified Ferrari, but of course painted in British racing green, and thereafter raced cars of their own construction.In 1955 Vandervell undertook a new project relying on young engineers Colin Chapman and Frank Costin for the chassis and body design.

Leo Kusmicki, an engineer from Norton, had the responsibility of designing the engine. They produced a stable and aerodynamic racing car with a powerful 2.5 litre engine featuring 4 inline cylinders with direct injection and 285 HP capable of competing with the better cars of the day. In 1956 Stirling Moss was able to score Vanwall's first major victory in the Silverstone International Trophy. Moss and the rest of the driving team, including Mike Hawthorn, Tony Brooks, Harry Schell and Stuart Lewis-Evans amongst others, saw a promising start for the brand with a machine at the forefront of technology at this time, all designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

With revised rear suspension and other improved parts, 1957 saw the golden age of Vanwall begin. At Aintree, Moss took Vanwall's maiden Grand Prix victory, and the first for an all British entry for over 34 years. In the following year Vanwall reached the pinnacle of their success, wining many Grand Prix and their very first world constructor championship.

After a decade of hard work flying the English flag, the Vanwall Team’s success was suddenly curtailed due to the health problems of Tony Vandervell, who left the competition at the peak of his powers.'

You can read more on the Cartrix Website Here


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