Saturday, 5 December 2009

GALLERY: AEG Sauber C9 Mercedes Sauber C9
Le Mans 1988

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Sauber C9 has always been very popular with slotters. This should convert to a collectible slot however the AEG doesn't seem to have sold that well. Some 2 years after its release, you can still purchase AEG C9s in slot shops, something that is quite unusual for releases.
  • Excellent engineering: Powerful motor/quality gearing
  • Rear alloy wheels
  • Rubber aerials
  • Adjustable pivoting motor pod
  • Very detailed and impressive paint and decal levels
  • Excellent 'from the box' performance (once glide is adjusted)
  • Very high level of detail,
  • Good non-magnetic performer


  • Some AEG Sauber C9s come with warped chassis, (fortunately provide a spare chassis with this particular livery)
  • The glide is way too tight, you will need to drill out the glide post a small amount to allow free glide movement


The AEG Sauber C9 is an impressive look slot car, to my eye at least. Decal, detail levels and engineering are all excellent (as you would expect from but the livery doesn't have the same mass appeal for some reason - perhaps it's just too busy?

However I find this a very attractive model and great for racing against others in the line-up. Once this model becomes unavailable in slot stores, I expect its popularity to increase greatly.

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