Monday, 14 December 2009

NEWS: MRRC Radical SR9

MRRC Radical SR9

MRRC have just released some very exciting photos of their latest prototype slot car, the Radical SR9 on the Italia Slot website. These photos are clearly of an advanced prototype and I'm sure you'll agree with me in saying the photos are of the SR9 are damn impressive!

MRRC have been building slot cars since 1954 and if you own one of their Toyota GT-ones then you'll know just how potent their LMP slots are on the track. The Radical SR9 looks like it could be taking that success to the next level!

One look at the Radical SR9's chassis and you know this slot has been built for one purpose, to go damn quick! The body looks like it will be light weight (even the crown gear has been drilled out to lighten) and beautifully detailed.

I love the red glide design with its protruding front and the magnet position makes me think this will be a good non-magnetic runner. The chassis has a front height adjustable axle for the adjustment of a perfect running tripod.

You can find out more on the Italia Slot Website Here


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