Sunday, 6 December 2009

NEWS: New Revell Releases

Revell Monogram Releases
08325 Lola T-70 Mk.II, #6
08328 Fun Cup Car, #351
08327 Fun Cup Car, #98

This from the Revell Website: 'Mark Donohue was a race car driver with a degree in mechanical engineering from Brown University. He was known for his ability to set up his own race car and drive it consistently to the absolute limit.

In 1966, Donohue drove a Lola T-70MK II for Penske Racing in the Canadian-American Challenge Cup series, its inaugural season. He won one race and finished in the top five in four other races and placed second in the championship standings. Donohue was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1990. He won one race and finished in the top five in four other races which placed him second in the championship standings.'

'Racing Sport is often accused of being so expensive, that it is only possible to participate with the help of numerous sponsors as well as the input of substantial private investment and capital.

Uniroyal sponsored Fun Cup Cars offer an achievable alternative to this. They possess all the attributes of a pure Formula One sports car: a light fibreglass bodywork, tubular frame chassis, central driving position, rear mounted engine, the necessary air-dams and spoilers and an overall light-weight construction. The costs however are clearly defined and can be divided between a total of eight drivers per vehicle.

Depending on the track, race duration will be between 4 and 25 hours so that each driver gets enough time behind the wheel. The 130 hp 1.8 litre engine accelerates the Fun Cup Car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds, achieving a top speed of around 205 km/h. The Fun Cup is held in Belgium, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany and on the Canary Islands.'

I love the Sunoco blue Lola T70 but I'm not too sure about the beetle liveries? One thing I will say is my daughter sure does like them!

You can read more on the Revell Website Here


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