Saturday, 5 December 2009

NEWS: Pioneer Trans Am

Pioneer Trans AM
P006 '67 Notchback #31 & P010 '68 Notchback #22

Due for release this month from Pioneer (we all have our fingers crossed) are the very exciting Bullitt Mustang follow up slots, the 'Notchback' Mustangs.

Word on the street is that the head of Pioneer is currently in China overseeing the finishing touches on what are very highly anticipated slot releases.

This from the Pioneer Website: 'With the Bullitt Mustang selling very well all over the world, our attention must now firmly focus on the next couple of projects - and the first couple of models up are the eagerly awaited Notchback cars. P006, car #31 and P010, car #22.

Production is under way at the factory facility with expected release mid-December. As with the Bullitt Mustang, one of the Pioneer team will be at the factory during the production process keeping an eye on progress and ensuring that we produce a first class slot car to follow the Bullitt Mustang.

The Notchback cars of 1967/68 appear to have been 'The Forgotten Mustangs' of the Trans AM era despite it being a Championship winning car in 1967. With a loyal fan base and still fondly recalled by motorsport fans, this particular model is long overdue a slot car replica.

The Pioneer models will share similar chassis features to the P001 Bullitt '68 Fastback and will also carry the Scalextric DPR chip facility for users that wish to go digital.

There are some attractive and good-looking liveries planned for late 2009 and mid 2010 release - plenty to keep racers and collectors happy.'

These Notchback Mustangs are certain to be amazing slot cars in every respect and bound to be on everyone Santa list.

You can read more on the Pioneer Website Here


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