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GALLERY | Cartrix Ferrari F555 Supersqualo

Cartrix Ferrari F555

0013 U32 Hobbies 5th Anniversary
Limited Edition of 200

The Cartrix brand has for quite some time been producing some gorgeous F1 cars from 1950's and 1960's. Some models are more popular than others. The Ferrari F555 F1 Supersqualo is one such model that has long sold out and which attracts a good premium for those lucky enough to have one or more for sale.

The 555 and 553 name were derived from a combination of engine size rounded up (499cc) to 500 and the year of production (53/55) added to the 500.

The 555 owes it's history to the Ferrari 553 which competed rather poorly in the 1954 F1. The 553 was radically modified to improve performance and it was hoped the 555 would be capable of competing with the hugely successful Mercedes W196.

1955 was an extremely disappointing year for the 555. It was eventually replaced in 1956 by the Lancia Ferrari D50 which was far more competitive.

Five F555 models have been produced by Cartrix: [number of models made]

0940 #4 Eugenio Castellotti 1955 [1500]
0941 #2 Nino Farina 1955 [1500]
0942 #12 Maglioli 1955 [1500]
0013 #5 U32 5th Anniversary [200]
0023 #48 Frere/Tarufi 1955 [200]

This particular model was purchased from eBay in Spain for around $85 AUD. A massive thank you to the David Fernández-Cano owner of SlotArt who was kind enough to forward this model to me with my SlotArt order.

The more astute amongst you will notice a common problem with the Cartrix F555. The top and bottom parts of the bonnet appears to have a small gap that is quite noticible. Nothing to be that concerned about, just a minor imperfection. Three of my five F555 models have a similar problem.

The F555 is a stunning model that deserves to be photographed, even non-slot inclined people comment on it's beauty. They can be hard to find but with a little patience and a bit of searching you should be able to pick one up for around $100AUD NIB. You won't be disappointed with this model, it is one of my favorites and an absolute joy to photograph.

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