Monday, 2 June 2014

GALLERY: Ninco Renault Megane Trophy

Ninco Renault Megane Trophy
50551, ATAG 'Lightning'

Ok now for something a little different - a bit of a favourite and not without good reason amongst slotters, the Ninco Renault Megane Trophy.  A cracker of a chassis, the Megane is a delight to setup and race on your favourite track.  The Ninco 'Lightning' edition is particularly striking in ATAG orange and alloy 5 spoke hubs.  This baby comes standard without a magnet but who needs one when your provided with such a well balanced chassis? A little well distributed weight and a rear rubber upgrade and you're in business! :)

From Wikipedia: 'In June 2011 Renault Sport revealed a limited edition 265 hp/265 lb-ft version of the Mégane III called the Mégane R.S. Trophy. The Megane R.S. Trophy uses the same 2.0 four-cylinder as the standard 250 hp R.S. but thanks to modifications such as a new air intake it gains an extra 15 hp, pushing the power output to 265 hp, or 132.5 hp per litre.

It hits 0-62 mph in six seconds flat and goes on to a top speed of 254 km/h (157 mph). It is instantly recognizable thanks to model-specific decoration such as Trophy stickers on the doors, a new spoiler and specific 19″ rims with R.S. center caps. It comes in a model-specific metallic yellow (Jaune Sirius) but is also available in more low-key colors such as white (Blanc Glacier), black (Noir Étoilé) and gray (Gris Cassiopée).

Renault will limit the production to 500 examples. It will be sold in France, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and in Slovenia. In France it will carry a base price of 35,500 €'

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