Sunday, 22 June 2014

NEWS: Policar Ferrai 312 PB

Policar Ferrai 312PB
CAR01a / CAR01b - 1000km Monza 1972

New kid on the block, Policar have released the long awaited Ferrari 312 PB, their first model as they re enter the slot car market.  As you can see from the photos, the 312PB looks a lot like the 312PB Sloter and release several years back prior to Carrera securing an exclusive with the Ferrari branding.  As a result these fine looking slot cars will not have any Ferrari branding or logos on them, something that is easily added if you wish.

As you will have heard by now, chassis and engineering all comes from so we can expect these to be awesome on the track.  Detail levels look very high which I'm happy to say is almost mandatory in the modern era of slot car racing.  Packaging looks a little basic (cardboard) and from what I've read, is strongly based of Policar's original packaging style.

It's also nice to see Policar releasing some slot car models (next is the Ferrari F40) that are no longer produced by other manufactures these days.  Based on the standard of this first release, I think we can all be excited to have Policar back in our industry.

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