Saturday, 7 June 2014

MOVIE: Audi welcomes Porsche back to Le Mans

Audi welcomes Porsche back to Le Mans
Let the motorsport begin!

Audi has raced at Le Mans since 2000 and has won an impressive 12 times!  Porsche however has won Le Mans 16 times but has not competed at Le Mans since 1998.  As you all know, Mark Webber is driving for Porsche this year as they returning to the greatest endurance race on the Earth and Audi has welcomed them back with this YouTube taunt video - Let the Motorsport begin!

The new 2014 Audi from Wikipedia: 'Changes from 2013 R18 e-tron quattro include the introduction of blue laser beam backlights with a yellow phosphor crystal lens, a revised V6 TDI engine with an electric turbocharger, upgrades to the flywheel accumulator system and an exhaust heat recovery system.

The system captures the thermal energy from the exhaust and can add power to either the turbocharger or the flywheel accumulator system. Audi later opted not to race with the second Energy Retrieval System, which is known as a Motor Generator Unit-Heat [MGU-H] in F1.

The aerodynamics have been heavily revised in accordance with the new rules: the width is reduced by 10 cm, the height is increased by 20 mm and there is a new set of front wings. However, the exhaust-blown diffuser on the 2013 model has been banned and removed. The safety monocoque has been strengthened with additional fabric. Wheel tethers and extra crash structures are also added to the car.

Finally, there are numerous smaller upgrades to vision and ergonomics to improve drivability'

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