Saturday, 21 June 2014


Race Cars with Artificial Intelligence

Slot car racing without the slots?  Well I'm not totally convinced but this technology is worth a look.  We are starting to see a lot more scaled car racing type products being released clearly aimed at a hybrid slot car/computer/RC market.

From Real FX: 'Slot Racing arrived and we got excited, but it took ages to set up (and put away), and every time a car flew off the track, you had to stop the race to pick it up & put it back on. We bought radio control cars. Took them out of the box, drove them around for a while.

They were just too hard to control, and impossible to race. After a few crashes they ended up in the back of the cupboard. Along came video games. They gave us the action we wanted, but only in a 'virtual' world (and Dad struggled to play along).

We wondered why we couldn’t do the one thing everyone actually wants to do with a car. Race!  So, over 6 years ago we set out to try and achieve it. We have ended up with a system that draws inspiration from all that has gone before, but elevates it to a whole new level.

Introducing RealFX Racing: The car racing system we wished for when we were kids!'

The below video is pretty cool, my only comment would be how slow the cars seem to be running.

From Real FX: 'And just like in video gaming, with RealFX you don't need another physical player in the room to still compete in a race. You simply add the second car, switch its handset to ‘Pace Car’ mode and race against it!

It's Artificial Intelligence means it will drive around the track and compete against you! Lightweight, affordable and patented '1-Sec-Connect' track segments click into place in less than1 second, allowing you to make a full size track layout in less than a minute - and take it down in the same time (well, usually even quicker). Go round chairs, under tables, or even from room to room.'

If you're interested, you can back this start-up venture HERE


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Chris said...

Hi,I first read about this project here and it caught my imagination enough to make a pledge so I now know how Kickstarter works.
It has just passed its funding target and there & just a couple of days left for a chance to get a set at a low price, assuming all goes well. I think it could be the start of something quite big cutting across slot/RC and videogames.
So thanks for bringing it to my attention and hopefully we'll see what it's really like when it hits the market which is planned for October.