Saturday, 1 December 2007

NEWS: 2 new Racer 312Ps

Racer has just released 2 new liveries of the Ferrari 312P Coupé. Both cars competed at Le Mans in 1969 and failed to finish the race. The Chris Amon #19 car did not finish the race due to fire after an accident and the Piper #18 car succumb to gearbox issues after 223 laps. Notably, the #18 car qualified in 5th with a time of 3 minutes 35.5 seconds and the #19 car qualified in 7th with a time of 3 minutes 35.6 seconds.

RCR38A - Ferrari 312P #18
Le Mans 24hrs 1969 driven by P.Rodriguez/D.Piper

RCR38B - Ferrari 312P #19
Le Mans 24hrs 1969 driven by C. Amon/P. Schetty

We have come to expect stunning releases from Racer and they do not disappoint with the release of these 2 new exciting Ferrari 312Ps. These will soon be released in Oz so start saving your pennies. It would be nice to pickup one of them, only question is which one?

This images are the property of Racer Slot Cars, head over to the official Racer homepage if you're interested in seeing some more imagery of the new releases.


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