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REVIEW: Porsche RS Spyder



The first thing I noticed about this model was its size. I was expecting a slot around the same size as the Scalextric Lola but this car is much larger. One of the largest slots Scalextric make, (apart from the MC12) is the Lister Storm LMP900, the RS Spyder is a wider and slightly longer than the Lister which will give you an idea of how big this slot is on the track.

The model is presented in Scalextrics new crystal box which is very similar to the crystal boxes Scalextric produced slots in during the 70s. I personally like the new packaging as the car is on a 10-15% slope improving model visibility for those of you that store your slots in their boxes when not in use. The boxes stack together well and the model is well secured while being easy to remove.

  • Easyfit Digital Plug system.
  • Quick change guide braid plate.
  • Motor Mabuchi FF 18k rpm In-Line Rear Mounted
  • Overall length 147 mm
  • Car Weight 82 gm
  • Wheelbase 91 mm
  • Gear ratio 9:27
  • RearMagnet Rectangular 2.5 mm, Down-force 278 gm
  • Front and rear lights

For additional model detail, head over to Scalectric;


The paint finish on the Spyder is up to Scalextrics usual high standard. On my model there were very few paint runs, (few small ones on the tail) but I really had to look for them. The overal paint scheme is visually eye catching for sure, I think Scalextric choose a impressive livery to launch this new model. Decal detail is very good and even the smallest text is highly ledgeable. The decals have a clear coat for protection which also gives the entire paint scheme a lovely shine.

One thing I would have liked to have seen with this model is more driver detail. For some reason Scalextric still produces some of its models without driver helmet decals. I've noticed the F1 releases now all seem to have coresponding driver helmet decals which is something Fly have been doing for a long time. I know it's a small item, but a plain silver helmet really detracts from the models overall excellent presentation.

One thing I'm not too keen on visually is the excessive gap between the wheels and the body wheel arches, (especially with the rear wheels). The true to life car does have some corresponding wheel clearance but Scalextric seem to have extenuated it a little too much and it doesn't look right.

Scalextric have added rubber rear-view mirrors and aerial to this model which is something I really appreciate as this model will see a lot of track time. The tail sits quite high from the body and is glued in place. It has quite a high degree of movement and only time will tell if it's strong enough to stand a heavy impact.

The body is attached to the chassis via 6 screws which is not surprising considering the size of this model. You can see the 'Digital Plug Ready' flap in the above image which allows you to convert this model to fully digital by removing one screw and simply plugging in the digital plug piece.

You can also see the standard, (not stepped) Scalextric bar magnet position which is just forward of the rear axel. Unlike most Scalextric models, there are no alternative magnet positions in the chassis. This model also comes with Scalextric's quick change guide braid plate.


One thing common to all Scalextric cars is a fair degree of magnetic down-force. The RS Spyder isn't immune from this but as the magnet is forward of the rear axel, magnetic down-force isn't too much and the car can be made to slide a little through corners on my Carrera track.

The Spyder is a perfect match for my Lister Storm and Lola LMP2 slots. I haven't done any timing comparisons but the Spyder drives very well around my track. Like with most ready to run slots, I had to true the rear tires a little, (no sign of excess plastic flashing on the rear wheels). The Scalextric rubber compound is very easy to true and once trued, the performance of the car increased markedly.

Overall, the Spyder is a nice slot to drive and easy on the eye but doesn't really stand out from the crowd. If like me you already have several LMP class cars, then you will want to add this one to your collection. However, if you only purchase 1 car a month then put your hard earned dollars towards something else.

Manic Score Breakdown
  • Sex Appeal: 4th Gear
  • Collectibility: 3rd Gear
  • Build Quality: 5th Gear
  • Attention to Detail: 5th Gear
  • 'RTR' Performance: 5th Gear
Overall Manic Score: 4.4 Gears


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