Tuesday, 11 December 2007

NEWS: Scalex Porsche RS



Little Background to this model: The RS Spyder was developed by Porsche to win the prototype class title in the American Le Mans series. The RS is built to Le Mans LMP2 regulations and signals Porsches return to serious motorsport, this is the first purpose built platform since the 911 GT1 of the late 90's.

It wouldn't come as a surprise that Porsche's main rival for this series is Audi in the form of the Audi TDI R10 although the Audis compete in the LMP1 class. 2007 was only the 9th running of the American Le Mans series and saw the RS Spyder totally dominate the leader board finishing 1st and 2nd comprehensively.

For more information on the American Le Mans 2007 season, head over to Wikipedia;

As you can see from the real picture, (top) of the RS, Scalextric have done a fair job at reproducing the RS but there are some obvious differences especially in the nose area. Most obvious are the head lights and front grill.

This car will be fitted with what Scalextric is calling it's 'Easyfit Digital Plug' system for those of you running Scalextric digital. Rear mounted, in-line 18K Mabuchi FF motor, front and rear lights with non-graduated magnet in the rear.

The Scalextric Porsche RS Spyder

The Carrera Porsche RS Spyder

The chassis setup for this car looks amazingly like Scalextric's Lola which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as the Lola is a fine car to drive. Looking at the Carrera RS one can't help but think the Carrera RS looks better. For a start, the is the Carrera RS's wheels look far more true-to-life and so too does the model detail, things like the driver's helmet and refueling detail. I'm also not that keen on the huge space between the body and the tops of the wheels on the Scalextric model.

What's very exciting about this model is the massive ammount of potential liveries for such a young platform. As a massive LMP car fan, the RS is one slot I'm sure to add to my collection, but will it be Carrera or Scalextric?

Review to follow.


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