Tuesday, 4 December 2007

EVENTS: Dakar 2008

The Lisboa to Dakar 2008 countdown has begun!

On the 5th of January 2008, 205 cars, 245 motorbikes, 20 quads and 100 trucks will start their engines and head off on the last true motorsport adventure known as the Dakar Rally. To save you doing the math, that's 510 vehicles entering in the 30th annual running of the Dakar.

This year 40 percent of the bike riders and 18% of the car entrants are first timers. They will be traveling across more than 9,000 kilometres of some of the most inhospitable and remote terrain in the world!

In Oz we get 30 minutes of coverage from SBS daily on free-to-air. Last year, Fox Sports covered the event a little better but nothing that paid the event justice! Subscribe to your favorite teams website where you will be able to download daily content. Will this year be the year for VOLKSWAGEN or will MITSUBISHI continue its unmatched domination of the Dakar? For me it has to be Das Auto, Volkswagen!

With the soon to be released Ninco Schlesser 'Fox', what better way to get into the spirit of the Dakar. This Ninco release has all the potential to be an absolute winner.

For more details on the Dakar, head over to the official site;



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