Monday, 3 December 2007



Perhaps the most anticipated livery release for 2007 is due for release in Oz on Wednesday the 5th, (RELEASE DELAYED). Like many fans I have been greatly anticipating this livery release, it seems to have been on the cards for all of 2007. Probably also like many, I have pre ordered the C9 and I'm hopeful that it will turn up for this weekend.

If the AEG C9 is anywhere near as popular as the previous livery releases of the C9, it will sell out pretty quickly, (especially considering this time of the year). But if you won't be able to get this one don't worry too much about it, something tells me there will be at least one more AEG release in the future.

While no one would ever argue about's engineering, build and finish quality or attractive model choices, slotters must be starting to get a little annoyed at the never-ending delays when it comes to releases!!!!!!

The revised release date is; 'unknown'.

Full review and heaps more photos to follow...I hope!


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dv said...

You can be sure that will get it right when it is released. I think that its worth waiting for.