Friday, 21 December 2007

NEWS: MB Slot Zonda

Art. A0701 MB Slot Pagani Zonda F 2005 White Kit

I received some great photos from MB Slot this morning. No attached information but I think you'll agree, the photos speak for themselves!

A very forward, screwed glide.

Solid, adjustable front axle height.

Front axle height can be adjusted without removing the body.

Spring mounted motor pod, adjustable without removing body. Putting some extra weight up front, (if required) might be a bit tricky.

There are multiple (4) magnet positions, (left and right independent), just forward of the motor. Is this so you can set up for oval tracks? Magnets look quite small although there are 2.

Long cam motor, style gearing, rear spring mounted motor pod. There are 3 additional magnet positions at the rear of the chassis, that make 7 in total!

This photo shows the adjustment screws for the floating motor pod, there is a larger than usual gap between the motor pod and the chassis and the gearing is also fully exposed which would allow for very quick adjustment.

Rubber looks good and very well trued on wheel. You have to LOVE those springs on the motor pod!

Motor is held in place at the rear via 2 screws ensuring zero motor movement - there will be no Ninco 'hop' with this chassis.

Can't wait for this baby to be released, I just hope it's not too expensive. Around the NSR price is probably a good guess. One thing is for sure, this is going to be one hell of a slot chassis and with MB Slot picking the Zonda body combination, well it's going to possibly be the release of 2008!


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