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From time to time, ManicSlots is going to take a look at some of the 'immortal' slot cars that have been produced since the 'Fly' revolution of 1996. In 1996 Fly released the Viper, a slot car that would change the direction of the 1/32 slot car industry forever! Fly let us know that slot cars could actually resemble a racing car and introduced the slot car industry to the 'D' word, detail!

The first slot I have chosen as an immortal is Slot.its first release, the Audi R8C. an Italian manufacturer was known for racing components such as racing axles, gears, tires and motors prior to releasing it's first RTR car. When the Audi R8C was released in 2002, it had blistering track performance and is still an incredible competitive slot today. released the R8C in 6 different liveries, (3 are shown here);
  • Press Presentation, (top car)
  • Qualifying # 9
  • Qualifying # 10
  • Le Mans 1999 # 9, (photo below)
  • Le Mans 1999 # 10, (last photo)
  • Snetterton Roll-out

The Audi R8C is now considered rare and hence very collectible if you can acquire one. Some are still available on ebay from time to time but typically sell for in excessive of $US200 depending on livery. The rarest of liveries are the Press Presentation and famous Snetterton Roll-out black car. An interesting bit of information regarding the Press Presentation car is that it has #9 on one side and #10 on the other as per the released 1:1 race car.

Despite the huge success of Audi at Le Mans over the last decade, the 2 Audi R8C cars did not finish the 1999 race due to gearbox failures. Audi never returned to Le Mans with the Audi R8C.

You can find out more about the 1999 Le Mans race here:

You can find the specifications sheet, (PDF) here;

ManicSlots Collectibility Score: Extremely High!

Get one if you can.


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