Thursday, 24 January 2008

NEWS: Racer 330P

Racer Ferrari 330P Scuderia Bear
Sebring 12hrs 1965 - B. Grossman / S. Hudson

These photos just released from Racer of their stunning new Ferrari 330P raced at Sebring by the 'Scuderia Bear' team in 1965. I'm sure you'll agree the new 330P is a complete stunner of a slot car, the body detail on this model is incredible!

The below picture shows the all new Racer wire spoke wheels with black back background. This from Racer:

"Please also note in spite of the name 330P exclusively given to original car by engine used, it is a complete new mould for us since the car is based on 250P 1963 body. Also starting from this model we will equippe all cars with new improved wire rims visible in the photos."

For more information on Racer Slot Cars head over to their website. They have a GREAT photo library of their slot cars, (WARNING: Be prepared to turn green with envy!);


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