Tuesday, 8 January 2008

NEWS: SCX Porsche 911 GT3

SCX PORSCHE 911 GT3 (997)

Shortly after the N├╝rnberg Toy Fair, (7th to the 12th of February) SCX will release their version of the very popular Porsche 911 GT3. Scalextric has produced the 911 GTR3 for many years and recently Carrera has come on board releasing the GT3 RSR. With the popularity of these models and the huge numbers of liveries, you can't blame SCX for wanting a piece of the Porsche pie.

With Porsche Carrera Cups currently running in Asia, Australia, Germany, France, Britain and Japan we can expect SCX will be potentially producing dozens of liveries. As a result, you would think that SCX would want to get this model right from the start? If these photos are a any indication of the final released model, I'm concerned that SCX may have just missed the mark.

The front of the car looks good with grill, light and tow hook detail accurately reflected. We can expect that this model will come with front and rear lights, which is something I always like about SCX cars. I'm glad to see that the side rear vision mirrors and tail look like they have been designed to take heavy knocks.

Generally the body looks to scale but I'm concerned with how high the body sits on the chassis. If you look at the profile of the 1:1 race car you'll see that it sits much lower. The SCX GT3 sits too high at the front and you can see through the model between the tops of the wheels and the body. The rear wheels sit out too far, (see top photo) and make the slot look unusual, far from the elegant beast that it is.

Rear detail looks very good, particulary the exhaust, light and tow hook detail. While the SCX wheel design looks pretty accurate, the colour finish on the wheels isn't that impressive. The photo below shows a 1:1 Carrera Cup car wheel which has a stunning metallic finish.

You'll also note that the top SCX photo shows the car without a painted black internal wheel nut on the rear wheel. I'm sure SCX will rectify this before release in February.

Here in Australia we have the Carrera Porsche Cup and these cars as just fantastic to watch racing. I'm just hoping SCX will release the Bob Jane T-Mart livery at some point.

You can find out more about the Carrera Porsche Cup in Oz here;


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