Tuesday, 15 January 2008

NEWS: MB Slot Zonda Release

Marco from MB Slot has just sent through some photos of the final white Pagani Zonda F 2005 release, (Art. A0701). Below is a transulated transcript from Marco.

The first version of the MB SLOT Pagani Zonda F 2005 (Art. A0701), a white kit (with detail parts) requires assembly and facilitates customization of livery. Frame supporting engine suspensions in three points (Art. 19111 kit suspensions), or the possibility fasten with three screws (Art. 19300 or Art. Screws 19301 Kit).

The powerplant (Art. 07009) is a 21000 rpm high torque motor with 9 tooth pinion gear and 26 tooth crown gear (Art. 17026). The chassis has strong magnetic down-force and a separate guide crankshaft. The motor mounting on the chassis is very simple and secured via two screws from the bottom bracket.

Axles are steel 3/32" dia by 54 mm. Bronze bushings (Art. 0732) or the possibility of replacing them with ball bearings (Art. 07020) for the front axle and rear axle. The front axle is mounted on a independent support frame adjustable via 4 screws and can be replaced with suspension to improve the front end.

The Zonda's wheels are plastic and have photo engraved disk brakes and calipers. Wheels are fitted with low profile natural rubber.

Both the chassis and the motor support have multiple points to place pairs of neolithic magnets, (5x3 mm).

The very light and flexible body is secured to the chassis via 3 points and can even be replaced with a lexan parts, (Art. A0733).

MB Slot will now focus on some limited edition liveries with painted and decaled bodies.

I always find it exciting when a new manufacture enters the slot car hobby, especially with a product of this high standard. I think it's a great indicator of the vitality of our hobby.

I can't wait to start seeing photos of fully liveried MB Slot Zondas turning up on the forums!

You can find pricing on the Zonda and associated parts from the MB Slot site here: http://www.mbslot.com/LISTINI%20MB%20SLOT%20ACCESS/pagani_zonda_f_2005%20eng.htm


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