Thursday, 10 January 2008



69 members of ForoSlot have had NSR produce a livery to celebrate ForoSlot's 5th anniversary on the web.

The livery was designed by a ForoSlot member and I'm sure you'll agree, it looks very impressive.

The car is only going out to the 69 members involved with the project, just shows you what can be done when forum members get behind a project. Excelente ForoSlot!!!!

Find ForoSlot and some more photos of this awesome car here:


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Anonymous said...

The information is not correct, first about 90 will go to members of the Foroslot and the Slotforum website because the last group actually bought the most cars, and made it possible.

When you count the cars on the last picture you can see there are 8 * 11 = 88 cars! That's more that the mentioned 65. Also the car could be pre ordered at some dealers so all in all there are more than a couple off hundreds made although only NSR knows how much exactly!

By the way, I got 2!