Friday, 4 January 2008

NEWS: Racer 330P Sebring

RCR39 - RACER FERRARI 'Scuderia Bear' 330P
#26, Sebring 12hr 1965

I've just heard from Marco at Racer Slot Cars that the first release for 2008 will be the 'Scuderia Bear' Ferrari 330P raced by S.Hudson and B.Grossman during the Sebring 12hr in 1965. The car started 8th on the grid but did not finish the race after problems with the car's differential after 143 laps.

The livery is an impressive Ferrari red with yellow stripping on the nose for the car. This information from Marco;

"In spite of the name 330P, exclusively given by the type of engine used, the bodywork was based on previous 250P built in 1963 and therefore sensibly different from the real 330P we already made as RCR26, 27 and 35. Main differences are in the nose, tail and cockpit sections, resulting in a complete new mould."

Some other great news from Racer is that they are currently preparing an improved version of there world famous wire rims. Racer will be using a black background in the rim together with brake discs to give to new wire rims a very, very realistic aspect.

I'm assuming the first we will see of these new improved wheels will be on the new RCR39. Here I was thinking the current wheels were perfect, can't wait to see the new ones.

Racer is also very busy with the upcoming Nürnberg Toy Fair scheduled for the 7th to the 12th of February. I'll be sure to post any developments I hear from Racer regarding Nürnberg, should be a huge event this year with so many new manufactures and models.


For more information on Racer Slot Cars head over to their website. They have a GREAT photo library of their slot cars, (WARNING: Be prepared to turn green with envy!);

Follow the below link for more information of the 2008 Nürnberg Toy Fair;


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