Thursday, 7 February 2008

NEWS: MB Slot Ferrari 430

BBR Models Ferrari 430 Challenge
(MB Slot to manufacture and distribute)

MB Slot world distribute - pieces of the mechanics

MB Slot has just sent through some photos of the new BBR Model's Ferrari 430 Challenge slot. MB Slot will be manufacturing and distributing the BBR Ferrari 430 world wide, price is expected to be around 50 euro. This information from Marco;

"The 430 will have 31 parts to assemble, as the Ferrari requires: 4 wheels, 4 Tire, 4 disk brake, 4 calipers brake, 4 Hub, 4 buckles, 2 axles, 1 motor, 1 pinion, 2 crown (crown in 2 parts), 1 all the other assembled parts and colored." (See photo below)

MB Slot already plan to release the Ferrari 430 Challenge in 4 different liveries, they will be as follows;

BBRSL001 in May-June 2008

BBRSL002 September October 2008

BBRSL003 December 2008 - January 2009

BBRSL004 February March 2009

Without a doubt, an impressive looking slot release from BBR Models.

You can find out more about BBR Models here:

Thanks to permission from Marco at MB Slots, we can bring you a new wallpaper of MB Slot's Pagani Zonda Road Car, check it out here:


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