Thursday, 14 February 2008

NEWS: Sloter 2008 Releases

Sloter 2008 Releases

This week Sloter released some images of their 2008 release line up. As you would expect from one of the smaller manufactures, the line up isn't extensive, a little over a slot a month. However, for what Sloter may lack in quantity they make up for in quality and they will be releasing some great new slots in 2008.

The most notable new release for me has to be the Lola T70 Spyder. I have long wonder why Fly haven't released the T70 Spyder considering the success of the Fly T70 hard top. Here's hoping Sloter get this beauty right, surely this will be a very successful model for Sloter.

There are quite a few other new models/liveries on display, Zytek, Opel Manta and Corsa. You can have a good look at the proposed liveries here:


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