Saturday, 9 February 2008

NEWS: F40 Ferrari F40

These photos just released from The Warsteiner Porsche 956 is an attractive livery particularly in the gold and white. The Warsteiner-Team/Joest-Racing 956 was driven by Bob Wollek and won the DRM Norisring event in 1983 after 70 laps, 46.83 seconds ahead of the Brun Motorsport Sehcar C6 entry.

But enough talk about the 956 as nice as it is, what about the new Ferrari F40!? have out done themselves this time, I had high expectations with's new F40 but they have been surpassed! What a beast, the F40's lines have been captured perfectly and the slot looks very aggrssive which is always a great thing in a race car. I think the highlight with this model has to be the new F40 wheels have produced, they look fantastic. Other notable features are the side window detail, ventilated rear window and excellent body work detail. Fantastic work!

You can find more great photos from AmazingSlot here:

You can read more about the DRM Norisring 1983 race here:


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