Tuesday, 26 February 2008

SLOT SOUL: Lamborghini

Proteus Lamborghini Murcielago

2007 has to be the year of the plain kit. Slot.it, MB Slot, Ninco and Spirit all release slots in plain kits so you can create your own piece of slot soul, a unique liveried slot car with your own character. I find that there is nothing more enjoyable as racing your own personal liveried slot.

I thought I'd start sharing some of my sprayed and liveried slot cars as I really enjoy this aspect of our great hobby. If you're a first timer, this section is designed to inspire you to start down the road of producing your own slot cars. If you have already explored this aspect of our hobby, I hope you enjoy the photos. I encourage you to send some photos of your cars in so I can share them with other readers.

This slot started life as a plain silver Proteus Lamborghini Murcielago street car. I decided as I could not purchase a racing version of the big Lambo, I'd do one myself. I fitted the car with a Scalextric NSX rear wing as the NSX wing has a similar curve to the rear of the Murcielago, (see the second photo from the top). The rear wing was cut into the body of the slot which took a little more time and care than gluing it onto the body. The main benefit of fitting the tail in this manner is if the wing takes a big hit, the tail pops out and can be easily reinserted.

I picked the Jagermeister liver as it is straight forward and I had the spare decals at the time. Apart from the rear wing, the slot is standard. The Proteus Lambo makes for a great track car, particularly on my Carrera track. It's fast and handles very well. Unfortunately, Proteus stopped making slots a few years ago so these cars are getting harder to acquire.


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