Friday, 8 February 2008

NEWS: Audi R8C


Well this is one cool looking!!!! My mate has the original roll-out Audi R8C, I have 3 of the Audi R8Cs but this 'version' from has me excited! I had my doubts but have taken the original Audi R8C and really gone to town, you be the judge...

The chassis is anglewinder FLAT-6 compatible

And finally a complete 'white' version of the car that started it all...CA12z - Audi R8C 1999 - White Kit.

CS01il - AUDI R8C - Lexan cockpit

MN09H - Flat-6 20K - 20.500 rpm - 200g*cm @12V

KK14 - Flat Anglewinder Offset Conversion Kit

Seriously, check out the R8C Reloaded video here:


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