Saturday, 9 February 2008

NEWS: Ninco 2008 Releases

NINCO's 2008 Model Line Up

The first thing you'll notice, (apart from the stunning Gallardo) is that Ninco has updated their corporate image. From Ninco, "NINCO becomes black, the new corporate colour. The famous red triangle will continue, but everything turns to a darker image."

Ninco have used phrases like; real racing feelings, tech, innovative, investigation and development, modern, aimed at users and professional slot. Well I not sure about all those things but the new black corporate look works for me.

The most exciting new model for 2008 has to be the Lamborghini Gallardo, finally a slot car manufacture other than AutoArt will seriously release the Gallardo. In my books the Scalextric hard-plastic version doesn't count. We can only hope that this will be the first of many Lamborghini models released by Ninco.

The Bowler, Acura LMP2 and Lexus SC 430 are also very exciting new models for 2008 and show that Ninco isn't resting on it's laurels and just releasing new livery after new livery in 2008.

Ninco have also announced their new set line up for 2008 with the expansion of the Master set series.

Ninco also has announced the next evolution in their ProRace parts, "THE EVOLUTION OF THE PROFESSIONAL SPARE PARTS FOR RACING:THE PRORACE EVO."

For more information about Ninco, head over to the official Ninco website:


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