Tuesday, 26 February 2008

NEWS: Avant 2008 Releases

Avant Slots 2008 Releases

This information just in from the Avant Slot Team, some of the exciting new releases they have lined up for 2008.

Dakar Man Truck - Avant Slot.

Another champion of the Dakar reaching slot. This is the Man truck who starred the last Dakar. The scale of this vehicle is nominally 1/32, like all the trucks on the market. It will be integrated with traction at all wheels and a mechanical revolutionary. Of course with suspensions, reducers and everything you need a monster of the desert. Release will be before the end of the year.

This is one Avant Slot release I just can't wait to get my hands on!

Peugeot 207 S2000 IRC Champion - Avant slot.

A car "novice" but it is already writing his name in letters of gold in the history of motorsports world. After overcoming a successful test phase, the new Peugeot 207 S2000 took victory in the world of IRC with the Spanish Ojeda at the wheel. All of a luxury rallys that come in 1/32 scale, with 4x4 traction, and some rocking guide technical advancement in the chassis. The position of the engine is ...unknown.

Quad Suzuki 450 Dakar - Avant Slot.

The Quad-Slot Avant is a reproduction of the Suzuki 450 Dakar with Carlos Avendano won the title in the last edition of the Dakar in the category of up to 450cc Quads. A special machine that will see the light before the summer. The scale chosen is the 1 / 24, because we believe it is the most viable for use in raids today, with the advantage that uses all components of the standard 1/32 as engines, transmissions, wheels, tires, guides, etc. With all possible settings and set-up that entails.

Pescarolo Rollcentre Le Mans 2007 to 4th position.

If you already have the first three, the fourth adds to your collection. The first fully private car at Le Mans can not fail in any collection.

Le Mans Winners of 2006 - Avant Slot.

This is a product that will take place at the express request of many fans that we have done well to get there. The box of the winners of Le Mans 2006, edition de luxe, limited and numbered only 1000 units for the entire planet. In May at the usual outlets, not keep without it.

This will make for a very nice limited edition set especially if you're a huge Le Mans fan such as me.

Bank Engine: Avant new tool slot.

It has a compact design and is very light. Built in aluminum to ensure their duration in time. The design of the tool has been with a triple function, It will be available approximately one month in the usual outlets.

You can find out more about Avant Slot here: http://www.avantslot.com/


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