Tuesday, 5 February 2008

NEWS: Slot.it Alfa 33/3

Slot.it Alfa Romeo 33/3

Alfa 33/3 n.34 Sebring 1971, June 2008
Alfa 33/3 n.33 Can-Am Laguna Seca 1972, October 2008

These images of the stunning new Slot.it Alfa Romeo 33/3 just in from Cathy at Armchair Racer. Expected in June, the new Alfa 33/3 Sebring 1971 #34 to be followed in October by the Alfa 33/3 Can-Am Laguna Sec 1972 #33.

You'll be able to pre order these beauties from Armchair Racer in the near future. You can find the Armchair Racer website here: http://www.armchairracer.com.au/


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