Monday, 21 October 2013

MOVIE: Le Mans Porsche 917K Raceway

The Le Mans Raceway
12005, Porsche 917K by Slot Mods

To quote Monty Python...'and now for something completely different'.  You may or may not have heard about a company called Slot Mods out of the US.  If you haven't, you certainly won't forget their products after reading this.  Firstly a word of warning, these tracks aren't for everyone and cost a much as a real car, quite a nice real car actually.  But just look at the detail, innovation and the love that goes into one of these track builds, truly amazing!

Slot Mods' owner David Beattie background story is equally as amazing, being made redundant from an 'office cubical' day job he looked for something more creative and inspiring.  Well he found just that in the hobby of making professional slot car tracks.  David gives us (or at least me) hope that work can be more than a soulless grind! 

From Slot Mods: 'This is the full-sized Porsche 917 replica that conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track faithful to the iconic Le Mans raceway. Painted in the same color scheme and #20 race number an homage to the classic 1971 movie starring Steve McQueen the 917 has genuine race-worn GT prototype tires on aluminum three-piece rims and working headlights and taillights. The precisely molded replica cowling opens like a clamshell at the touch of a button to reveal the track within.

Resplendent in its handcrafted detail, the raceway is built with realistic landscaping and includes period signage illuminated by working streetlights: the Esso Oil Drop Man near the Ford chicane, the Marchal sign on the famous three-level grandstand over pit row, the Martini barn, and the unmistakable Dunlop "tire" bridge. Hand-detailed aluminum Armco guardrails with weathered wooden posts convey additional realism. Dual analog racing controllers provide precise control for the 12 included limited-edition slot cars, including the dominant racing models from 1970-1971, painted in authentic period livery: a Porsche 917, Ferrari 512 Coda Lunga, and Lola T70.'

Below is a short movie released by Slot Mods of the Le Mans raceway - Absolutely amazing and inspiring stuff!

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Kirk Thomsen said...

Blown away are the words that describe my feelings after seeing this incredible work of racing art. I greatly respect the passion and creative inspiration that went into implementing this truly unique "big boy toy". I salute you! If I could afford one this would be in my living room right now. Thank you for a very inspiring work in paying homage to Le Mans, the movie, and also to this French racing heritage. Cheers!