Saturday, 5 October 2013

NEWS: Ninco McLaren F1 20 Years

Ninco McLaren F1
50639, LIMITED EDITION CAR - NINCO 1993-2013

It seems everywhere you look these days there is a limited edition slot car celebrating an anniversary of a slot manufacture,'s 10th, NSR's 15th, Carrera's 50th and now Ninco's 20th.  Personally I love it and think it's a great way for us, as the customer, to be part of the celebration.

I particularly like when the manufacture takes the first slot they released and uses it as the special release, this is what and what Ninco have done.  The McLaren would have to be one of the most successful releases for Ninco and has been consistently released over the last 20 years in various liveries.

This from Ninco: 'Special car commemorating the 20th anniversary of NINCO, founded in 1993. One of the most iconic models of the brand, a revolution on its release and now a slot myth almost two decades later.

Anniversary logo, corporate red and anthracite gray painted and lacquered to the absolute brilliance fo the car. Special display box cardboard matte with gloss details. Includes text and autographed thanks of the NINCO's CEO and the evolution of the graphic image of the brand since its birth.'
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